Sweetest Traditions

Terms & Conditions

Full T's and C's can be sent via email if requested


At the time of booking a non-refundable deposit will be taken to secure the date.

Sweetest Traditions Candy £50 -  Sweetest Traditions Fizz Bar £200

The remainder of the balance must be paid in full 12 weeks prior to the event*.

If a booking is to be made within 12 weeks of event date this is treated as a late booking and the full payment will be required at time of booking.

If a booking must be cancelled by the client more than 8 weeks before the event a refund will be given (minus the £50/200 deposit).  For any cancellations made within 8 weeks of event, Sweetest Traditions will retain payment.

In the unlikely event that Sweetest Traditions has to cancel a booking, all monies paid (including the deposit) will be repaid in full within 6 weeks of cancellation.

*A £100 breakage deposit may be required when hiring from Sweetest Traditions (dependant on equipment hired/ un staffed equipment ) to be paid on payment of balance.  This will be returned within 1 week after the event subject to there being no damage or loss to Sweetest Traditions’ equipment. Equipment cost sheet can be sent on request. More information on request.

Client/ Venue Information

On booking we ask that clients provide Full name, Contact details, Address and Telephone numbers

(This information will only be used by Sweetest Traditions for their records and billing. This information will never be passed to other parties.)

We ask for full contact details for your Venue including the Contact/event planner for your event.

Delivery and set up

Please provide Sweetest Traditions with a liaison contact details for your event.

We will deliver and set up any hire equipment free of charge within 50 miles of Sweetest Traditions HQ postcode TD13 5XD. Any distance further than 50 miles incurs a £0.45p per mile charge each way.

We are happy to consider bookings across Scotland with The Fizz Bar. Candy Hires are only available within Edinburgh and the Lothian's*, outwith this is at management discretion.

 *Candy hire booked with Fizz Bar hire IS available outside Edinburgh & Lothian's

 Distance bookings These are bookings that are over 100 miles from HQ or require an early set up time or late finishing time. These may be subject to a fee for staff accommodation and extra travel time. Where this is the case a fee for accommodation will be added to the quote price. This will be for the lowest suitable accommodation price available at the time of enquiry and the save the date deposit is paid. If you think you may be a distance booking please ask for more details.

Allergies intolerance and safety

Please be aware some candy products may contain nuts, nut oils or have been produced in an environment that also handles nut products.

When booking please make Sweetest Traditions aware if any of your guests have any allergies. Sweetest Traditions will take every precaution available to manage the risks.

Popcorn - we use Coconut oil to produce our fresh popcorn however the machine has used ground nut oil previously. Although all our equipment is rigorously cleaned after use, We wish to make customers aware of this.


Customer’s should ensure children are suitably supervised to avoid consumption of any products that may prove to be a choking risk.

Equipment care

It is the client’s responsibility that no Sweetest Traditions equipment is moved during the celebrations except by Sweetest Traditions staff.  This is to reduce the chance of damage or injury. Which could result in loss of the damages deposit.

Promotional Material.

Sweetest Traditions reserve the right to take photographs of equipment set up and/or in use, to be used for promotional purposes.

The Fizz Bar

The Fizz Bar staff follow the challenge 25 initiative. If we feel a customer or guest looks under 25, we will ask for recognised proof of age (such as passport drivers licence). If this cannot be shown, we cannot serve this person an alcoholic beverage. We will also refuse anyone suspected of trying to buy/provide aforementioned person an alcoholic beverage.



An occasional licence is required for every booking of The Fizz Bar.  Sweetest Traditions will pay for the application of the licence after we have received the booking deposit.

If for any reason a licence is not granted for an event Sweetest Traditions will refund the booking deposit minus the cost of the licence application.

As an occasional licence is required for each event, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible when planning your event, we ask a minimum of 6 weeks. However Sweetest Traditions can apply for an emergency licence (minimum 3 days’ notice). This carries an extra cost from The Licencing board, which will be added on to the cost of the booking.

Cocktail Packages

Each keg of Frizzante is portioned to 155 x 125ml glasses.

If you purchase a cocktail package Sweetest Traditions will allow for enough ingredients to make 155 cocktails from each keg.  There is no refund if 155 cocktails are not consumed by guests.

If a keg is unfinished the client may provide suitable containers (i.eCaraf or other glassware) to be filled with the remainder of the frizzante before The Fizz Bar leaves at the end of the hire. Such container will only be filled with the clients direct consent on the day. This does not apply to cocktail ingredients.

piccolo hire restrictions

Our Piccolo Fizz Bar hire package has the following restrictions:

Available Mon-Thurs. and selected time slots at off peak weekends. Please ask for details.

Piccolo hire is strictly 80 glasses of frizzante and 1.5 hours hire time

Piccolo hire is subject to distance and will only cover Edinburgh and the Lothian's, exceptions may be made at the discretion of Sweetest Traditions management.